Your gateway to the best fly fishing that California has to offer                                                                                                             
photo by Greg Vinci

there is a little challenging because Devilís Postpile National Monument is located along its banks and draws lots of tourists, so many in fact that the U.S. Forest Service has had to limit the numbers of vehicles that are allowed in the area each day.  Vehicles are only allowed to enter the area before 7AM and after 5PM.  To reach it from Mammoth Lakes, travel west on   
Hwy 203 which runs right through town, to Minaret Rd.  (the road that takes you to the ski lifts at Mammoth Mountain) and turn right.  Follow the road to the top where Mammoth Mountain Inn and the main ski lodge is located and there you will come to a guard shack, that will be manned by a forest ranger between 7AM and 5PM.  The road then descends several miles to the canyon floor where several campgrounds (itís important to make reservations ahead of time if your are going to camp there between Memorial Day and Labor Day) are situated along the river, among them, Devilís Postpile.  A variety of lodging is available in Mammoth Lakes.

There are lots of planters around the campgrounds but to catch the Rainbows, Browns, Brooks and Goldens to achieve the Sierra grand slam.  You will have to get away from where most of the people are.  One good section to try is higher up near the Agnew Meadows pack station where you will have to go on foot for awhile to reach the river.  Though you will come across a fair number of humans, almost all of them are backpackers who are on their way somewhere and donít have time to stop and fish, consequently fishing pressure is lower and the fishing is better.  This is the section where I got my first Sierra grand slam.

Gear and tackle is very straightforward and a four weight rod will suffice most of the summer.  In the fall, a two or three weight will be fun to fish in the thin water.  Use a floating line with 5X tippet and basic attractor flies like Royal Wulffís, Ants, Adams Parachutes, and Elk Hair Caddis are all that are needed.  For nymphs, small Pheasant Tails, Birdís Nests, Copper Johnís and Princes work well.