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photo by Greg Vinci


country. Modifications made to Shasta Dam upstream from Redding, assures the cool water in the summer months that has created the perfect habitat for salmonid species.  Its wild rainbow fishery provides year round fly fishing opportunities punctuated by its seasonal anadromous fishing opportunities.  Salmon arrive all through the summer and spawn in the fall.  Steelhead come right on their heels.  The local Rainbows live in an environment that is saturated with aquatic food, and their fighting ability is a testament to that.  Though there are obviously fish of all sizes in the river, on a typical float trip it is not unusual for the median length of the fish caught to be in the fifteen-inch range.  The characteristics of the Upper Sac are completely different from its fraternal sibling to the south.  Where the Lower Sac is a big deep meandering waterway without a lot of riffles, the Upper Sac is almost entirely freestone.  What they have in common besides their names is that they are home to lots of trout. 

  The Lower Sac is a big river with summer flows that run well above 10,000 cfs  and for that reason, the only way to reach the fish is by boat.  In the winter months the flows drop to around 4,500 cfs making wade fishing possible.  Within the urban area are two float sections defined by the location of public boat ramps.  The most upstream segment is the Posse Grounds Boat Launch (near downtown) to the Bonnieview Boat Launch which is about five miles downstream, and the Bonnieview to Anderson segment which is about eight miles in length.  If you hire a guide, he may recommend one over the other as the fish do move or conditions can vary from section to section.